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Fashion At Fourteen (And Twelve…And Eleven): {Fashion Friday}

In honor of our gradually cooling temperatures, I wanted to offer a fresh feature for relevant, trendy, age-appropriate fashion options for adolescents!  

Here are some outfits that my girls put together themselves 🙂
The key to keeping it funky is in the details: layered accessories, plaids paired with florals and dynamic color punches.
(…actually, this is true at any age 🙂

Emilie has a very retro/indie hipster vibe, so the sheer floral combines with the leather moccasins seamlessly!
The freedom to express personality in fashion is key to keeping teenagers aligned with the expectations of parents.

Larken is a no-nonsense kind of girl, so built-in textures and simple color schemes make more sense for her.
The lace skirt and heart-y tights communicate, “yes, I’m a girl” while the rugged boots simultaneously say, “but I’ll still beat you to the swings!”

Ms. Alayna Kate is the most organized, professional 11-year-old you’ll ever meet, so her style tends to be more matchy-matchy than her kitschy sisters.
She likes to coordinate in a more controlled and predictable way, so her colors are consistent and her accessories are kept minimal.

This is my fashion inspiration for you (and your daughters) this week!  

  Have a great day and remember that someone needs a ray of light today that only you can shine.
Make time for inspiration, be yourself without apology and always light your world with goodness!


Fashion at Fourteen: A Study In Pink {Fashion Friday}

There are so many completely inappropriate fashion trends right now for adolescent girls. 

They grew up watching Hannah Montana turn into Miley Cyrus, and as mothers, we have to work especially hard to make sure our daughters have age-appropriate alternatives in their wardrobe that allow them to be expressive and trendy, but not suggestive or immodest. Read the rest of this entry

Why This Year, I Undecorated The Tree

It has taken me years to perfect the science and artistry of decorating the perfect Christmas tree.  Lights first: the aesthetic balance of depth and surface glow.  Then shimmery garlands: red and gold tulle and crystalline strands perfectly aligned as they cascade down and around the tree.  Last the ornaments: every sparkly red and glittered gold ball on a different latitudinal and longitudinal plane from its peers.  It’s obnoxious, right?  But beautiful.

But this year, as I sipped my coffee and gazed upon the tree, I distinctly felt that something just wasn’t right.  Was the tree crooked?  Was there a black hole among my twinkling starry lights?  Had the children moved some ornaments?  No… it was all perfect.  Too perfect.  Read the rest of this entry

Oliver and the Tie

I had some fun taking pictures of Oliver today! 

 …although I will say that my first attempt was not very well thought out.  Let’s just say that putting a tie on a sleeping baby quickly turns into a noose on a cranky baby.  So after a little more rocking and one-handed tie-tying on a stuffed animal, I casually slipped the loop over his head as I was laying him into this basket.  And only once he had resettled again did I tighten and arrange it.  It was quite complicated, but totally worth the effort in the end!

The Silver War {and other fun things children say}

I was going through some old boxes and came across this paper from Larken’s kindergarten class. 
 It speaks so much better to her darling personality than a photograph could, so up on the wall it went! 

And this is a letter that Alayna Kate (then, age 8) typed for me during her summer stay with her grandmother and aunt.  Priceless! 

I have also been known to frame love notes between the husband and I.  Makes for a nice Valentines or anniversary gift!



Make a Name Wallhanging in a Day

Every child wants to see their name in lights… but leftover fabric will do, right? 

This idea is so easy my three girls and I completed it as an after school project!  

What you need:

  • fabric scraps (I used the leftovers from Baby Boy’s baby bumper, plus some old ticking)
  • an old cardboard box
  • miscellaneous buttons and/or ribbon
  • thread (can be hand or machine sewn)
  • fishing line
  • hot glue and gun

 I just outlined and cut out the letters from an old cardboard box.   Then we used those as the stencil for the fabric, which you want to cut about a 1/2 inch bigger all the way around (and remember to do the letter backwards for the fabric backs!). 

 They could be magnetic or make just an initial to hang over your children’s towel or bookbag hooks.  You could do your surname to hang from your family mantle or on your front door.  Hang them horizontally or vertically. 

The possibilities are endless…enjoy!

Fun Newborn Photo Idea

This is a fun shot of Oliver at about one week old. 

And although he looks like he is screaming bloody murder here, he was really only yawning.


Watercolors For The Nursery

Here are a couple pieces I did for Baby Boy’s nursery.



Here is some art I did for the girls when they were little 🙂


Photo Day At The Creek

These pictures were taken at the property of a friend of ours.  He has about 16 acres with a huge creek running across it and the girls regularly gathered buckets and shovels to play there under the sun-mottling trees, so it made perfect sense to do a photo shoot there.

photos taken by Kathie Colling of Colling Photography

Pictures At The Park

There are so many obvious settings for good photographs with children.  They thrive in their own environments, so it was easy to capture the whimsy of their personalities at the park.