about me.

I am a happily married wife and the mother of four children. Three girls and one boy {so far!}

I am a published writer of self-help prose, introspective poetry and inspirational freelance articles.

I am a hair stylist and innovative style leader in my community.

I am just a girl trying to find her way in the world;

leading with ideas, thriving on creativity and empowering other women to light their world.


Why The Seeded Thistle, you ask?  Well, despite all of my hands-on, nifty crafty ideas and genius solutions (*wink, wink*), my happiest energy is released and returned through good old-fashioned writing (no hot glue gun required!).  So here is where I drew the name from.  This poetry piece turned out to be more intuitive than I could objectively see as I wrote it, and it has continued to resonate with my spirit seasons later.


Love cannot a hero make,
Death cannot a sorrow take;
Deep within the fighting soul,
The thorny, thistled seed of more.

Words cannot a war be won,
Pleasures not a past outrun;
Faith along the slippery slope,
Grasping for redeeming hope.

Tomorrow cannot today rewrite,
Darkness not always swallow light;
Time and truth shall rise from sleep,
Soul and flesh will find relief.

If you are interested in more of my poetry and prose work, hop over here

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