all about hair.

I am so excited about this dialogue with you girls, because I love writing and I love hair!  And I LOVE any opportunity to help other women, mothers and good old-fashioned, homespun girls like me feel beautiful every day! 

 This is the wonderful thing about hair (and shoes!):

we all have equal opportunity to be fabulous!

no matter what kind of day you’re having

or what is working or not working in your life

or how much of that chocolate cake you had before bed last night…

your hair can look ah-mazing every day!

I want to give you every tool and trick that I can to enable you to always feel put together and beautiful!  So follow these links to various tutorials and articles and, as always, just leave any questions or thoughts you have in the comment section and I will get back to you! 


A little more about me:

I have always enjoyed playing with hair, and when fate gave me three daughters, my obsession with hair styling became inevitable!  And yeah, it’s true, I’ve become a little bit Nazi about the girls having their hair done at all times.  Like, walking out the door or coming to the dinner table with your hair in your face is a punishable offense in our house!  😉 Of course, that neurotic conviction is what has led to the my innovations and techniques with hair that I like to share with you, so it has not been for naught!   Besides, the girls always look fab!  And it has been so exciting to watch the girls practice new ideas on each other and then learn to style their own hair in creative and innovative ways.  Here is a small sampling of the their fun hair when they were little and what our hair looks like now on an average day. (Of course, with no repeats in a week.  Yeah, that’s actually a rule here.)  😉 


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