Three Fresh Ways to Do Color

Studying cosmetology and having three daughters provides the perfect opportunity to try out all of my new ideas, and lately, I have been working on color placement.  I have been working out how to break out of the classic subtle highlights and make a little bolder, fashion-forward statement.  I also wanted to play with cuts that would specifically compliment and accentuate the color.  Here is what I came up with:


Larken wanted a low-maintenance look that would maintain her length, but create manageability for her athletic lifestyle.  To compliment her natural wave, I scissor-cut concave layers, and then razor texturized her hair to create space and movement.  I accented the cut with a diagonal weave of highlights transitioning from a heavier weave in the crown to a lighter, blended weave in the middle, leaving her natural color as a base in the exterior and hiding any regrowth under a veil of her natural brown.  (before, shown left)



Emilie struggled to manage the thickness of her one-length hair, so I began by adding layers (both long layers and hidden texturizing), maintaining enough length to accommodate the occasional ponytail.  I then prelightened three block sections (at the back nape, right fringe and left ear) and then applied a demi-permanent pink, which we sealed with heat.  I kept the rest her natural color to preserve the playfulness of the overall look, as she is only fourteen. (before, shown left)



For Alayna’s transformation, I changed the shape of her long hair to create a strong contrast between the shorter front and longer back.  She has an edgy personality, so we decided to prelighten the tips of her hair and fringe and apply an alternation of purple, blue and pink.  (before, shown left)  I kept the perimeter long enough to be able to style in the braids, ponytails and buns that she usually wears.


So that was my adventurous weekend project!  I hope that you are inspired to take a new and daring approach to your haircolor possibilities, and if you are in the Memphis area, come let me do it for you!


About ~Sarah

Artist. Musician. Writer. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Christian. Existentialist. Pilgrim.

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  1. If I was pressed to pick a favorite, I don’t think I could. Each style is stunning, and the color highlights are very fun. It’s nice that you were able to match each girl’s hair with her personality and habits too. Beautiful! A+++

  2. Must have been equally as much fun for the girls. I can’t believe how fast they are changing.

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