Day 30: The Twisted Braid {30 Days, 30 Ways}

Day Thirty: The Twisted Braid
Skill To Learn: Twisted Sister + French Braiding
Difficulty: Moderate to Complex
Time Commitment: 25 Minutes
What You Need: Gel, Comb, a Bunch of Bobbies

For Day Thirty of 30 Days, 30 Ways, I want to teach you the Twisted Braid!  We are going to combine the concept of  Twisted Princess with the skills of French Braiding and Knotties).  This updo is fancy and fabulous and fitting for a prom or wedding, in my opinion!  But you can learn the skills to do it at home (probably on someone else) and then just transfer the skill to styling on yourself!

Begin with wet, gelled hair and part on the side, subdividing into two sections from the [front] top of the head down to the ear.   Next, section out a triangle/half circle behind that parting and fasten it with a clear elastic, as shown below.  On Emilie, I allowed that first ponytail to be a little messy and loose (in contrast with the first picture where her hair is combed perfectly smooth).  I felt this would be more congruent with the overall tousled look I was going for, but the entire style can be put together combed and smoothed for a cleaner finish.


Next you are going to take the entire right parting from your bangs to your temple, comb it to the back of the parting and begin twisting it upward.   As you twist to the end of your strand, pass it across the elastic and anchor it on the left with a bobby pin or two.    


Then take hair from the front left section (from parting to temple), comb it to the back of the parting and twist upward stretching it across the twist you just anchored and bobby pin it on the right side of the elastic, below the first twist.   Now just repeat that again.  Take another section from the front right (down to the ear) and twist it to the back over your first pieces (like a braid), anchoring it with a bobby on the left side.  Push the bobbypins through the tail of the twist and up into the hair of the ponytail you started with.    Then do the same again on the left side.  This is what it should look like at this point!  I personally believe that you could stop here, simply curling the remaining lengths of hair, but to give you as many options as possible, we’ll finish it up 🙂


Once you move below the ponytail section, you will need to slice horizontal sections to be twisted across, just like the horizontal sectioning in a french braid.  Twist upward and pass across the center, anchoring the tail just up under the previous twist.  When you get down to your last two chunks of hair left at the bottom, you are going to twist those two sections of hair straight upwards and allow them to coil into two knotties, which you will then anchor with crossed bobbies at the base of your hair.   Finish with a good mist of hairspray. 

Helpful Hints:

1.  If your hair is curlier, it will hold a style like this easily.  But if your hair is excessively straight or thick, you will want to gel often and double up on your bobby pins so that it holds. 

2.  On many of the styles involving twists, your rotations can be upward or downward as long as they are symmetrically consistent, but on this upstyle, the upward rotation produces a better look.

3.  If your hair is longer you will have tails hanging down from the twists before; just twist them into the following sections as you go. 

  Have a great day and remember that someone needs a ray of light today that only you can shine.
Make time for inspiration, be yourself without apology and always light your world with goodness! 


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  1. Your ingenious styling filled my folder, thanks. Looking forward to your books.

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