Day 25: The Pinwheel Bun {30 Days, 30 Ways}

Day Twenty-Five: The Pinwheel Bun
Skill To Learn: Twist, Wrap and Anchor
Difficulty: Easy Peasy
Time Commitment: 15 Minutes
What You Need: Gel, Comb, 1 Fat Elastic, 6-8 Bobbies

For Day Twenty-Five of 30 Days, 30 Ways, let’s learn the Pinwheel Bun!  This bun is a combination of the classic Twisted Bun and Knotties.  You want to begin with wet, gelled hair, pulled into a ponytail in the high, low or side position.  Take a chunk of the ponytail and twist it to the end, then wrap it around the elastic and anchor it with a bobby pin pushed under the elastic.  Continue sectioning chunks, twist them to the end, wrap around the elastic and anchor with a bobby.  You can wrap the tails underneath or leave them sprigging out, like I did.  Once you have used all of the hair, the elastic should be hidden, but a couple more strategic bobbies will conceal anything still showing.  Just make sure that you wrap each of the pieces in the same direction and your twists will form the pinwheel bun!


Have a great day and remember that someone needs a ray of light today that only you can shine.
Make time for inspiration, be yourself without apology and always light your world with goodness! 


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