Day 24: The Combination Updo {30 Days, 30 Ways}

Day Twenty-Four: The Combination Updo
Skill To Learn: Braided Bangs + Twisted Ends + Curly Bun
Difficulty: Moderate to Complex
Time Commitment: 25 Minutes
What You Need: Gel, Comb, 1 Fat Elastic, a Bunch of Bobbies

For Day Twenty-Four of 30 Days, 30 Ways, let’s attempt a Combination Updo!  We are going to combine Braided Bangs with the skills learned in Twisted Princess and pull it all together with a bun (you can do the Flippy Bun, Twisted BunMessy Bun, Braided Bun or Knotties).  The thing I am most excited about today is teaching all of my fellow, short-haired friends one of my secrets for pulling off so many of the upstyles taught here!   But we’ll get to that in a second…

Begin with a wet head, and as taught on Day Ten: Braided Bangs, section out a rectangle from your bangs area (gel your hair) and braid it to one side.  You can anchor it with crossed bobbies or braid out to the length of your hair and finish with a clear elastic.  For the remaining back hair, I am going to teach you my short-hair secret:  it’s all about twisting the shorter lengths in with the longer ones and then anchoring them with crossed bobbies in a decorative way that contributes to the artistry of the overall style.  Whoever said that necessity is the mother of invention was on to something, because my best ideas are always borne out of blunders, whether with crayons or combs!  I discover so many fun hairstyles on the thick and lengthy locks of my daughters, but I have to work inventively to pull them off on my shorter hair.  So here is how I do it:  

0. Begin by combing all of the hair outside of the braid over towards the ear where you will anchor your side ponytail.  (Gel your hair) 

1. Slice out a section from right around your left ear (which is where the hair will have to travel the longest to reach the anchor spot).  Twist that hair and as you reach the end, anchor it with crossed bobbies on top of the base hair, making sure that the base hair is still combed and positioned with movement towards the right ear where it will be anchored for the low ponytail. 

2. (Gel your fingers a bit) Slice out your next section from your left temple area and do the same thing, twisting through the end of the strand and anchoring with crossed bobbies in the direction of  where the low ponytail will be. 

3.  (More gel on the fingers) Take the hair right along the nape of your neck and twist it towards the right ear and anchor with as many bobbies as you need along the way to keep it up. 

4.  Slice out a chunk from behind the braid and twist it straight back.  This one is just for fun 🙂

5.  Now, gently gather all of your remaining free hair with the tails of the bobby pinned hair and gather it all into a low side ponytail behind your right ear. 

6.  Last, you can do any of a variety of bun styles listed above.  I chose to just scrunch my curls with some curling product, and then grab a couple of the longer ends and bobby pin them under the elastic.  I let the rest of the curls fall free.  And then, as usual, I added a flower flourish.


I know that this upstyle took a hot minute to explain, but I promise you it only takes me about seven minutes to actually pull together.  So practice, practice, practice!  And let me know if you need any help in the comment section! 

Have a great day and remember that someone needs a ray of light today that only you can shine.
Make time for inspiration, be yourself without apology and always light your world with goodness! 


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