Day 17: The Messy Bun {30 Days, 30 Ways}

Day Seventeen: The Messy Bun
Skill To Learn: Partial Pull Through
Difficulty: Easy Peasy
Time Commitment: 10 Minutes
What You Need: Gel, Comb, 1 Fat Elastic, 1 Bobby

For Day Seventeen of 30 Days, 30 Ways, let’s learn the Messy Bun!  This is one of the new trends and I actually learned it from Emilie, my fourteen-year-old, who will be modeling it for us 🙂  

It is similar to the Flippy Bun, so begin (as usual) with a wet head and lightly gel your hair from the midstrand to the ends.  Pull your hair into a high ponytail and as you make your second-to-last rotation of your fat elastic, pull the hair almost all the way through, but leave your ends still caught.  Then twist the elastic for it’s final wrap, and just half it over the looped portion.  This is going to leave little sprigs and spikes going out every direction, and that is exactly the point!  Now grab one of your longest strands and wrap it around the exposed elastic, anchoring the tail with a bobby and driving it under the elastic (like you learned on Day Six).  Another style that saves your hair from heat and gives you your morning time back, while not compromising your style! 


 Oh, and don’t forget to clip in a flower or pop on a headband!  I’m telling you, these two things are the difference between looking thrown together and put together:

gel and accessories  

Have fun 🙂 

Have a great day and remember that someone needs a ray of light today that only you can shine.
Make time for inspiration, be yourself without apology and always light your world with goodness! 


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