Seven WaysTo Wear Skirts In The Winter {Fashion Friday}

Despite the plunging temperatures outside, I prefer to wear skirts and tights during the winter.  (There is no reason that we must pack away our feminine and flirty summer wardrobe in lieu of a bulky and boring pants repertoire!)  With some funky tights, warm boots and strategic layering, you can transition more of those skirts than you think!  Here is how I put it all together. 




It all began with the boots!  About twenty pairs of these copper, space boots were abandoned to the clearance racks at Ross, and I figured that if anyone could make them work it would be me.  Yes, I bought them out of sympathy!  So I chose an outfit that had earthy, grounding colors to give them context and a somewhat-neutral space to shine.  And the brown ruffled skirt is actually a maternity skirt that I haven’t packed away yet 🙂 


        •  Space Boots: $14 at Ross
        • Brown Skirt: $22 at Motherhood
        • Blue Shirt: $5 at Plato’s Closet
        • Tights: $6 at Macy’s
        • Earrings: $7.50 (for three sets) at Claire’s
        • Headband: homemade


For this look, I really wanted to have fun with the magenta plaid by incorporating the new winter-trendy, opaque tights.  I also juxtaposed the tartan with a ribbed gray turtleneck and black and white, striped legwarmers.  I finished off the look my staple buckled boots


        • Skirt and Top: $4.50 and $6 at a consignment shop
        • Tights: $6 from Macy’s
        • Leg Warmers: $7 on clearance at Target
        • Boots: $8 at Ross
        • Necklace: $4 at Forever 21
        • Hair Clip: homemade (go here for more on that)


This long denim skirt has a lovely silhouette with the extra fabric inset at the front and back seams.  I paired it with a bold red sweater and anchored the look with black tights, shoes and jewelry.  I opted for a fancier updo since the outfit was on the simpler side.  This outfit is great for those days when you need to look put together, but you really just want to be comfortable!


        • Denim Skirt: $8 on clearance at Macy’s
        • Red Sweater: $6.50 at Plato’s Closet
        • Black Tights: $6 at JCPenney’s
        • Black Clarks Shoes: $31 at JCPenney’s (a great buy for Clarks!)
        • Necklace: $4 at Forever 21


Here, I paired a teal, corduroy skirt with a cable knit sweater, keeping it funky with a red skinny tie and a dusting of turquoise eye shadow.  And I love these bing-bong boots!  They are warm, comfortable and have survived eight years of wear, despite being a $12 find in a small shoe store in Florida.  (Take-away lesson: always buy your boots in Florida!)


        • Corduroy Skirt: $12 at Charlotte Reuss
        • Brown Polo: $3.50 [American Eagle] at Goodwill
        • Cream Sweater: $9 [Hollister] at Plato’s Closet
        • Brown Tights: $4 at Walmart
        • Red Tie: $9 at Hot Topic
        • Bing Bong Boots: $12 at Traffic


I got these argyle tights for Christmas, and while quite versatile, I paired them here with a plum, corduroy skirt and vest (which I bought at New York And Co. back in 1994, circa 8th grade!).  I layered a gray tee, a black suede jacket and a silvery, paisley scarf.  The look is playful and fun, but still carries a level of professionalism and maturity that can easily transition from a work environment to a dinner date.  (haha, Mother-Of-Four, who’s having dinner dates?)


        • Corduroy Skirt: $12 at American Eagle
        • Gray Tee: $3 on clearance at Target
        • Plum Vest: like I said, my mom probably bought this… way back when.  A good buy, I’d say!
        • Black Jacket: $14 at Value City (I know, right?)
        • Scarf: family hand-me-down
        • Shoes: $31 at JCPenney’s (A repeat from Day Three…  Did I mention how comfortable Clarks are?)


This outfit was designed around these funky legwarmers that my sister made!  (visit her shop here)  I really like the way the horizontal stripes on the sweater mirror the stripes in the knitted pattern, but are kitschy against the subtle vertical stripes in the pleated skirt.  Add the brown booties and the micro-floral scarf and it’s a fun pink and brown mash up.  Oh, and you can’t forget the pink eye shadow and Eye Kandy glitter eyeliner 🙂  See, you can pull off spring colors in winter!


        • Brown Skirt: $9 at Maurice’s
        • Pink Sweater: $7.50 on consignment
        • Scarf: came with a sweater of my daughters!
        • Legwarmers: handmade
        • Booties: $22 at Rack Room Shoes
        • Eye Candy: $16 online


This is a more professional way to wear your winter skirts, pairing dressy, mid-calf boots with the new belt-over-sweater trend.  Although this skirt doesn’t actually have a heavy fabric weight, the teal sweater adds to the winter styling along with the opaque tights.  The black cami and jewelry give good contrast to the jewel tone in the top, and the headband and belt tie the black to the visual gray of the houndstooth skirt.  I finished off the look with a splash of teal eyeshadow along my lashline.


      • Skirt: $14.50 at Target (the belt came with the skirt)
      • Cami: $4 on clearance at Target
      • Sweater: Christmas Gift from American Eagle
      • Boots: $24 from department store
      • Tights: $6.50 from department store
      • Earrings & Necklace: thrift shops
      • Headband: homemade



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  1. Didn’t realise there are so may ways to wear a skirt. Not many people are aware of it especially in the Winter as they tend to shy way in the colder months.

  2. Sarah, You look fabulous!

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