Day Six: The Wrapped Pony {30 Days, 30 Ways}

Day Six: Wrapped Pony
Skill To Learn:
Wrapping Hair Around The Elastic

Difficulty: Easy Peasy
Time Commitment:  20 Minutes
What You Need: 1 Fat Elastic, 1 Bobby Pin

For Day Six, of 30 Days, 30 Ways, let’s dress up a ponytail!  This is a quick and easy way to look fabulous-without-trying (which is always the goal!) for everyday events like your child’s soccer game, a quick run to the mall or a Saturday stroll through the farmer’s market.  You want to start with a firmly anchored ponytail (go here for more insight on ponytail placement).  Section out a small chunk from the underside of your pony and wrap it around the elastic.  Then use a bobby pin (opened with your finger) to grab the tail of that wrapped section and then drive the bobby under your fat elastic; that will hold it firmly.   And you’re done!


 The wrapped ponytail can be alternately styled by leaving long, side-swept bangs down or by adding a girlie headband, as pictured below.  (to see how I made that headband, go here!)  Use the comment section to let me know your thoughts!

Have a great day and remember that someone needs a ray of light today that only you can shine.
Make time for inspiration, be yourself without apology and always light your world with goodness! 


About ~Sarah

Artist. Musician. Writer. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Christian. Existentialist. Pilgrim.

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  1. Griselda Q. Jones

    How do you achieve the pretty twisty look of the long part of the ponytail so that it lasts all day?

    • Well, Griselda (wink, wink), all you have to do is style your just dried hair into a loosely twisted bun, anchoring it with bobby pins, while you apply your makeup and sip your coffee. By the time you are ready to walk out the door, you can let it down and it will hold its twisted form. The key is to catch it at that “just dried” state where the hair is still plumped up from the heat, meaning it still has steam in the cuticle. It will be just pliable enough to hold the final shape.

      • Griselda Q. Jones

        You know I don’t drink coffee. lol Thanks for the extra info. Very helpful! Being somewhat less imaginative than you, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to temporarily create a different hairstyle as a means to an end.

  2. peerlessbyabby

    it looks so nice !
    great work:)

    x A

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