Day Three: Teasing For The Bump {30 Days, 30 Ways}

Day Three: Teasing For The Bump
Skill To Learn: Teasing, Tying Back Cut Bangs
Difficulty: Easy Peasy
Time Commitment: 20 Minutes
What You Need: Volume Product, Blowdryer, Clear Elastic and Headband


For Day Three of 30 Days, 30 Ways, let’s learn about teasing!  So many of the feminine and flirty upstyles that you see on today’s celebrities and models involve the ever-elusive bumpat the crown!  Teasing is no longer just for the beehive generation, but has made its comeback in today’s modern trends, so let’s learn how to do it right.

 Jessica Simpson Hair  Lisa Edelstein Hair 

  • You will begin with your hair dry.  If you have shorter bangs (as I do), you can blow them back, using your fingers to create volume at the root and a bend towards the crown.  (Note: This style can be worn with bangs down, which I will teach as part of Day 29.)  (Also note: If you are planning to style the back in a bun, knotty or twist, you will want to leave your ends damp, only blowing the roots dry.  But I will get to that on Day 21!) 
  • Once your hair is dry, you will want to slice out a section parallel to your bang area and about three inches back.   Use a fine-tooth comb to gently comb the hair toward the root.  (If this is done correctly, it won’t damage the hair or tangle terribly.)  The concept is to use the hair pushed back to create a cushion over which the hair in the foremost section will sit on, creating the illusion of volume.  When you let each section down, you should be able to see how it is positioned differently to sit over the teased portion. 
  • When the first slice is done, part out another section right behind it (no thicker than one inch deep) and do the same backcombing technique.  Apply enough pressure with your comb to connect this section’s cushion to the one before.  Continue slicing sections and teasing until you have just passed your crown area (about where the eyes on the back of your head would be…) 
  • Once you have finished backcombing, [gently] gather the hair into your planned upstyle in the back, smoothing the front with the wide end of your comb to uniformly cover the teased section.  
  • Always polish your look with a dusting of hairspray!  That’s how it’s done. 🙂


 Now that you have completed Teasing 101, let’s continue with our style for today!  Go ahead and put your hairband around your neck so that you don’t compromise your coif once it is set.  Then gather your hair into a low pony tail, allowing the top to remain loose enough to maintain its bump, and fasten it with a clear elastic.  If necessary you can pull the crown section upward with the palm of your hand to add more volume.  Now pull the headband up, positioning it about an inch past your hairline.  This will push the volume of the tease back, giving you a bit more oomph.  Just go back over your hair with hairspray to secure any loose ends or flyaways, and you are ready to rock and roll, girl! 

As usual, shoot me any questions in the comment column and I will try to help you out.  

 Have a great day and remember that someone needs a ray of light today that only you can shine.
Make time for inspiration, be yourself without apology and always light your world with goodness! 


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  1. Griselda Q. Jones

    I always wanted to know how to do this! Teasing–who knew? Thanks. Your instructions are very clear and well-written, btw.

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