Fashion at Fourteen: A Study In Pink {Fashion Friday}

There are so many completely inappropriate fashion trends right now for adolescent girls. 

They grew up watching Hannah Montana turn into Miley Cyrus, and as mothers, we have to work especially hard to make sure our daughters have age-appropriate alternatives in their wardrobe that allow them to be expressive and trendy, but not suggestive or immodest.

This is an outfit that Emilie (age fourteen) put together herself this week, and I thought her spunk and creativity with pink were worthy of a blog!


Here’s the breakdown:

      • Dress:   $6.50 at Plato’s Closet
      • Denim Jacket and Scarf: I’ve had these forever, so it’s hard to say where or how much…
      • Pink Tights: $5 at Target
      • Denim Shoes: $7.50 at Payless
      • Knitted mitts: handmade by Aunt Carrie (but sold here! )
      • Personality: priceless!





About ~Sarah

Artist. Musician. Writer. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Christian. Existentialist. Pilgrim.

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  1. Looking good little lady! Love the smile.

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