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Fashion at Fourteen: A Study In Pink {Fashion Friday}

There are so many completely inappropriate fashion trends right now for adolescent girls. 

They grew up watching Hannah Montana turn into Miley Cyrus, and as mothers, we have to work especially hard to make sure our daughters have age-appropriate alternatives in their wardrobe that allow them to be expressive and trendy, but not suggestive or immodest. Read the rest of this entry


To Hell and Back {Wordsmith Wednesday}

“To Hell In A Handbasket”

This is an idiom that I throw around every so often and always wonder where it originated.  I mean, I’m picturing the devil on a little, pink bicycle (you know, the one with the banana seat and silver tassels) and he is pedaling down the road (I guess that would be the one paved with good intentions?).  He has some unwitting victim plopped down in the pink, woven basket on the front and is calling out, This way to hell!”  as he rings the little bell, “bing-bing!”  I have a feeling that is not the accurate etymology, so let’s get to the bottom of it together! Read the rest of this entry

Starry Nights {Salt Of The Earth Sunday}

I try to make time every night to stargaze for a minute or two.

The silence of night has a way of dislodging my deeper thoughts and the dark, starry expanse seems big enough to hold them.

I am reminded that I am small and that God is big, as though the stars are pin-pricks in the velvet curtain that separates our dark world from His boundless sunlight.  Read the rest of this entry

The Seven Basics of Hair Styling

Before we launch into fabulous hair crafting in 30 Days, 30 Ways, there are seven basic tricks you need to know that will make the hairstyles come together easier and last through the end of the day.  If you follow these suggestions, your new, seemingly-complex-but-actually-simple hairstyles will be absolutely self-sustaining once you leave the house, and neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail shall bring it down!  Seriously. 😉

1. Wet vs. Dry  The  first thing you have to come to terms with is the necessity of wet hair.   Many of the styles require that you put them together while the hair is moderately wet (read: pliable).  Furthermore, once it dries in the styled position, it will stay all day.  Whenever someone comes to me saying that A.) “I just can’t get my hair into an upstyle” or B.) “It just keeps falling out, my first question is always, “Was your hair wet when you styled?”  It’s really that important… number one on the list. Read the rest of this entry

Seven Things You Should Find Time To Do {For Yourself}

If you’re anything like me, you’re busy

You change diapers, build science projects, fold forever laundry (the kind we have at our house where both the washer and the dryer have perpetual occupancy), memorize and maintain the schedules of everyone in your family and yet still have a color-balanced, budget-conscious dinner on the table every night.  Right? 

And if you’re anything like me, you feel a little run down sometimes. 

A little more like this…                                             instead of this…

Well, I have discovered seven things that are worth my time and money. 
Seven things that make me feel beautiful and strong and empowered 
And if Mama’s happy, then everyone is happy.  Read the rest of this entry

Such A Tease

Hey there!

I just wanted to give you guys a preview of what is coming in January with

30 Days, 30 Ways!

      Read the rest of this entry

My Version of the Kitschy Hair Clips

This week I set out to make some of those kitschy hair clips and headbands with the ribbon-rolled rosettes.  Here is what I started with:  Read the rest of this entry

Repurposing Your Kitchen Canisters

I’ll admit it. 

I have a hard time throwing out food canisters while simultaneously buying tupperware and storage containers at the store.  Especially now that they make them with built in handles and flip tops! 

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Why This Year, I Undecorated The Tree

It has taken me years to perfect the science and artistry of decorating the perfect Christmas tree.  Lights first: the aesthetic balance of depth and surface glow.  Then shimmery garlands: red and gold tulle and crystalline strands perfectly aligned as they cascade down and around the tree.  Last the ornaments: every sparkly red and glittered gold ball on a different latitudinal and longitudinal plane from its peers.  It’s obnoxious, right?  But beautiful.

But this year, as I sipped my coffee and gazed upon the tree, I distinctly felt that something just wasn’t right.  Was the tree crooked?  Was there a black hole among my twinkling starry lights?  Had the children moved some ornaments?  No… it was all perfect.  Too perfect.  Read the rest of this entry

Ten Ways to Make Chocolate Bark

Today we had our [unseasonably early!] first snow, and there seemed no better day to throw together some holiday bark.  It is ridiculously easy, unbelievably tasty and just so pretty to look at!  Plus, I enlisted the help of my little holiday elf 🙂

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