Monthly Archives: November 2011

Repurposing Tealights for Everyday Organization

I spotted this tealight candle holder on a TJMaxx clearance shelf and knew that it was coming home with me.  Uh… rainbow colors AND organization?!  Yes, please.  Here is how I’m using it: Read the rest of this entry


Organizing Your Winter Wear

With a family of six, our collection of scarves, mittens and hats had simply become a big basket of mess!  So this year as the temperatures began to drop, I came up with a practical (and texturally decorative!) solution.   Near our side entrance, I mounted a curtain rod that the scarves can be easily tossed over and then individually hung the hats overhead.  It allows everyone to see and access all of the winter wear they forgot they had!  I left the mittens in a small basket, but it would be fitting to hang a second rod and clip the mittens across with clothespins.  Just a thought!

Dress Up Your Sweet Potatoes

The recipe for this casserole isn’t nearly as important as the finishing touches that make it so fantastical!  We used small marshmallows and chopped pecans to make our candy-cane inspired design.  The key to getting it exact is standing the marshmallows on end and then sprinkling the nuts in the spaces.  Happy Sweetness!

Oliver and the Tie

I had some fun taking pictures of Oliver today! 

 …although I will say that my first attempt was not very well thought out.  Let’s just say that putting a tie on a sleeping baby quickly turns into a noose on a cranky baby.  So after a little more rocking and one-handed tie-tying on a stuffed animal, I casually slipped the loop over his head as I was laying him into this basket.  And only once he had resettled again did I tighten and arrange it.  It was quite complicated, but totally worth the effort in the end!

Newsprint Nails

This fun variation on nail art is surprisingly easy to do, and the supplies are likely right at your fingertips (haha… aren’t I witty?) 

What you need:

a base nail polish (lighter is better)

a clear top coat

rubbing alcohol, poured into a small container (shot glass seems fitting)

scrap newspaper

Paint your nails with your standard base coat and then two coats of your color polish.  Then dip your finger in the alcohol long enough to evenly soak it (5 seconds should do it…) and lay the newspaper across it.  (If I were you I would make sure the article you’re imprinting on your nails isn’t about last weekend’s homocide, but that’s just me.)  Smooth the paper down and then lift back off.  When all nails are done, finish up with a shiny clear topcoat

Coolness factor:  pretty nifty!

First color: OPI Heart Throb; Second color: OPI My Chihuahua Bites