Monthly Archives: October 2011

Cut Old Photographs to Make New Art

It all began with a pile of forgotten photos…

I stumbled across these particular pictures in a manila folder under my bed, which was where I had stashed them, because at the time, they reminded me of a sad season in life.  But there is a time for mourning and a time for moving on, and it didn’t feel symbolic enough to just throw the pictures out.  I wanted to memorialize the strength and courage that I learned in that chapter, so this is how I reworked my cast-aside pictures into something new and meaningful.

 Here is an alternate way that I cut pictures for a scrapbook page!


Family Names Watercolor

I was bored. 

(who said idle hands were the devil’s playground?)



The Silver War {and other fun things children say}

I was going through some old boxes and came across this paper from Larken’s kindergarten class. 
 It speaks so much better to her darling personality than a photograph could, so up on the wall it went! 

And this is a letter that Alayna Kate (then, age 8) typed for me during her summer stay with her grandmother and aunt.  Priceless! 

I have also been known to frame love notes between the husband and I.  Makes for a nice Valentines or anniversary gift!



Repurposing My Wedding Fabric

These kitschy flowerets were easy to make and these specifically are special to me since I made them with the silk shantung left over from the hem trim of my wedding dress.  When I wear them, even just with jeans and a sweater, it puts an especially graceful spring in my step!