Make a Name Wallhanging in a Day

Every child wants to see their name in lights… but leftover fabric will do, right? 

This idea is so easy my three girls and I completed it as an after school project!  

What you need:

  • fabric scraps (I used the leftovers from Baby Boy’s baby bumper, plus some old ticking)
  • an old cardboard box
  • miscellaneous buttons and/or ribbon
  • thread (can be hand or machine sewn)
  • fishing line
  • hot glue and gun

 I just outlined and cut out the letters from an old cardboard box.   Then we used those as the stencil for the fabric, which you want to cut about a 1/2 inch bigger all the way around (and remember to do the letter backwards for the fabric backs!). 

 They could be magnetic or make just an initial to hang over your children’s towel or bookbag hooks.  You could do your surname to hang from your family mantle or on your front door.  Hang them horizontally or vertically. 

The possibilities are endless…enjoy!


About ~Sarah

Artist. Musician. Writer. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Christian. Existentialist. Pilgrim.

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